Sunday, March 18, 2012

'Dark Shadows' with Johnny Depp. Making Waves.

'Dark Shadows' movie poster - 2012

'Dark Shadows' (2012) - Comedy | Fantasy | Horror - In Theaters May 11, 2012 (USA).

An imprisoned vampire, Barnabas Collins, is set free and returns to his ancestral home, where his dysfunctional descendants are in need of his protection.

Director:  Tim Burton

Stars: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Eva Green

Official Movie Trailer:  Dark Shadows

Well, well... Fans of the 'Dark Shadows' gothic soap opera which aired from 1966 - 1971 with 1,225 episodes and fans of the short-lived 1991 TV series (which ended with a cliffhanger) are not happy with this new movie version. The majority of fans are NOT pleased with the heavy comedy angle, comparing it to the style of The Addams Family.

But curiosity will win out and many will flock to watch it anyway. (I'll wait until it comes out at the rental store on two buck night.)

Shock, confusion and even anger was felt among those who viewed the movie trailer (myself included). It was not what people expected. Then again, Tim Burton was behind the making of this movie. And he is well known for "the unusual". If you want to read all the bad comments and emotional uproar about 'Dark Shadows' 2012, see the Internet Movie Database Bulletin Boards. (That link should take you directly to the 'Dark Shadows' boards.)

I really think Johnny Depp could have pulled off a very convincing Barnabas Collins because he is actually creepier in real life than the original character was in the 1966 series. And that's NOT a negative comment or "dis" towards Johnny Depp. He is brilliant with his acting, I love many of the movies he's been in and I soooo expected an amazing Barnabas Collins recreation from him. Such a shame.

Now...if I can manage to NOT think of or compare this movie to the original stuff, then I did find the movie trailer quite funny. It was entertaining. Yeah, call me "wishy-washy" -- I rarely ever completely shoot down or bad mouth anything. 

Lots of memorable quotes from the trailer that stuck in my brain:

Angelique Bouchard: Hello, Barnabas. Remember me? 
Barnabas Collins: Witch, you cursed me to be this hideous creature! You may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly! 

Barnabas Collins: How soon can the horses be ready? 
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: We don't have horses, we have a Chevy. 
[Collins looks confused] 

Barnabas Collins: [seeing TV for the first time] What sorcery is this? 
[attacks the TV
Barnabas Collins: Reveal yourself, tiny songstress! 

Carolyn Stoddard: Are you stoned or something? 
Barnabas Collins: They tried stoning me, my dear. It did not work. 

The movie doesn't hit theaters till May 11, 2012. Anyone who's seen the trailer have any feedback? 


  1. Of course I have feedback!! :) I am an avid fan of Johnny Depp! I also love the unusual Tim Burton. When I heard there was going to be a remake of Dark Shadows, a show I loved from the original series to the remake when I was a kid, I was so excited! Even more so when I read Johnny Depp would be playing Barnabas. However, I have to say I was a bit shocked when I saw the trailer. I wasn't expecting the comedy angle. However, my curiosity, and love of Depp, will definitely have me watching it. But, I am not sure I will be going to the theater. I will probably wait for it to come out on DVD. Then I will be able to give a more accurate review. Til then...:)

  2. Well Kim...all I can say is, "I agree!" With everything you said :)


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