Sunday, May 6, 2012

NOTICE about Future Blog Posts

Notice: I will be concentrating my time and efforts at my Author Site/Blog found here:

I write paranormal thrillers, urban fantasy, young adult novels. On my site I do blog about paranormal entertainment - many of the exact same things I post about here. Which is why I've been feeling as if I'm writing the same thing for two different sites! And many times I cross-promote - directing readers to hop over to the other site or even re-posting the same article in both places in their entirety.

I hated to "delete" this account with all the goodies found here and I do get visitors all the time reading the posts - even ones that are over a year old! So...this is to let everyone know that at the time of this writing I haven't fallen over dead or been abducted by aliens or seduced by a vampire or whisked off to a foreign land to battle evil werewolves.

I may pop in here to post from time to time. At my author site, whenever I post something pertaining to paranormal entertainment, I'll be sure to "title" it the same way I have done here and will announce the new posting in the same way as here.

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  1. Thank you so much for the blogger award, Gina! That's very generous of you. =D I'll get on that as soon as the movers deliver our stuff and I have a real desk again. Yes, it's been a crazy life lately. So much for reducing stress. Lol!


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