Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Fringe" - The Observers Intrigue

Fringe - Nominated for favorite SciFi/Fantasy show by People's Choice Awards, will return on Friday, January 21, 2011. The bold move to a Friday is usually considered a death time slot for shows but if any show has the ability to survive, it would be Fringe. Especially with this teaser: An Observer will be making an appearance as he contacts the team to help him correct a mistake he thinks he made. Did you realize that in every episode of Fringe an Observer can be found if you watch close enough for him? Under most circumstances, his appearance is very brief and fleeting but in some episodes the camera focuses directly on him. Many fans would argue that these beings are seen only a few times throughout each season, with a few episodes featuring one or several as main characters. But if you dive into researching on the internet, some sites provide the precise frame or clip of the scene proving that an Observer is actually in every episode. You'll be slapping yourself on the forehead wondering why you never noticed him while watching the show! An Observer is usually lingering near the vicinity in which the Fringe characters are involved in an unusual discovery. They appear at important moments in human history, reaching far back in time, and at "Pattern"-related events. Observers are bald, approximately middle-aged men with no eyebrows, dress in suits and hats, and carry briefcases. They watch and observe and are not supposed to interfere, unless it is to correct a mistake of their own making. Observers keep tabs on our universe and report their findings to an unknown party on some type of communication device. The Observers seem to be named after our months; for example: December and August have been names mentioned in past episodes. Observers are calm, reserved and prefer not showing any emotions; although they are capable of emotions, as witnessed when one shed tears. It remains a mystery as to what their true role and overall mission are in the storyline, but they appear to be a crucial underlying element to the plot, and tend to stir up quite a debate among fans.

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