Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Primeval - Duncan, Matt and Rex

Primeval, airs on BBC America, Saturdays at 9/8C. (The local channels are listed at the end of article.)  In Episode 2, on January 8, 2011, Connor locates his old friend, Duncan. Together they stumble across a dead body at the docks. A creature that had lived in the sewers is responsible. The team (including Abby) tracks down and kills the deadly creature and Connor's position is reinstated, after proving his value to the ARC operation. 

Okay, who is Duncan, you might ask? Duncan was last seen in Season 1, Episode 4. He, as stated, is Connor's friend, and is determined to discover all the secrets to Connor's work. He has wild, paranoid thoughts and is obsessed with conspiracy theories. He and another friend, Tom, gave Connor a Roswell keychain that had a tracking device in it. A dodo bird swallowed it and Duncan and Tom ended up tracking the dodo instead of Connor. They caught the dodo, which was infected with a parasite, it bit Tom who became infected and later died.  Now our memories are refreshed with who Duncan is in this new season.

Matt is the new ARC team leader after Danny disappeared through an anomaly. There is mystery surrounding him and he doesn't open up with the team members.  He has a strong military background and is a survivalist.  He will break the rules in order to save lives. Matt has introduced some new EMD weapons. He has been shown meeting with a man named Gideon.  What is Gideon referring to when he mentions that one of them (on the ARC team, we believe) could be "it"? And that Matt should be cautious? The mystery remains unsolved and leads us to suspect that whatever it is, will be major to the storyline.

Connor and Abby's old boss, Lester, has softened to them. It's endearing watching him try to not show too much emotion and concern for them, but we can tell he missed Abby and klutzy Connor during the year they were in the Cretaceous. Lester kept their old lockers in storage, just in case they ever returned.  Awww... And he supported and pushed for Connor to get his position with the ARC reinstated.

Thank goodness Connor and Abby are still on the show. Their romance is sweet and it's wonderful to see the two of them together as a couple.  Abby has such spunk and heart. Connor provides humor at all the right times.  Let's not forget Rex, the little dinosaur that Abby took care of like a pet! To see him fly into the scene and land on the table, allowing Abby to scratch him was a special treat to know he was still alive...and appeared to remember Abby as his buddy. 

Too bad there aren't more episodes planned in the works. It appears that this season will only have seven episodes.

Primeval  --  LOCAL CHANNELS:
Charter Communications, channel 113
DirecTV - channel 264
Dish Network - channel 135

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