Monday, January 17, 2011

Reading Heather Brewer's 12th Grade Kills

I'm currently reading Heather Brewer's Twelfth Grade Kills -The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod - #5 in the series. Starting last summer, I began reading the first book in the series, and mingled amongst several other books I've been reading since then, have worked my way to the last one. The books in order are as follows:
8th Grade Bites, 9th Grade Slays, 10th Grade Bleeds, 11th Grade Burns, 12th Grade Kills. Heather Brewer lives in the St. Louis, Missouri area and one day I would love to sit down and talk vampires with her! Especially since I only live about 40 minutes from good ole' St. Louis. I've thoroughly enjoyed her books, falling in love with the characters as if I really knew them. Vlad is so endearing as he struggles through his teenage years as part human/part vampire; let alone trying to find his place in this world and survive (literally) onslaughts coming at him from all angles. I just read in 12th Grade Kills, the gentle jab/poke/razzing at "Twilight" (which I  love!) when Vlad gets lip gloss on his lips and goes to wipe it off...because, you know, vampires didn't sparkle. I chuckled!!

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