Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Place to Ask ME Questions

Here's something new I'm trying out...yep-another place on the net I can be found...but where you can more easily ask me questions. I know, I know. I had recently posted about trying to back off on so many networking sites I try to maintain...eek - slap me!

It's called Formspring and this is the official website description of it:

"Formspring encourages people to find out more about each other in a simple and fun way. It starts by directly asking people original questions in anticipation of their entertaining or revealing responses. Responses can range from straightforward to surprising and can lead to understanding something more about the people you know or find interesting. Whether you are curious to know more about a college you are applying to, the movies your friend likes, or the stories of someone you respect, on Formspring, you can have fun, share insights, and relate to one another in a new way."


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