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True Blood Recap - June 24, 2011

I watched one of my favorite shows Sunday night - True Blood. I jotted down notes for the entire show...my own little attempt at creating a recap or giving a play-by-play of what happened in that episode. Whew! That was WORK especially when I had to type it up from my scribblings! Not sure that I'll do that again as it took away from my own entertainment and enjoyment of the show since I was feverishly writing in a notebook. Anyway, it provided some fun content for my blog...and now...

True Blood, Sunday, July 24, 2011 - "Me and the Devil"

Tommy gets into a brawl with his parents and ends up killing them. He didn't intend on killing his mother, but she ran into the middle of the fight and was a casualty. I hated that creepy Joe Lee - walking around in his baggy underwear.

Marnie admits to a witch spirit possessing her and casting spells on Eric and Pam.

After Arlene's baby (or the ghost of Rene, the baby's father) wrote on the wall, Terry suggests they call the Reverend for an exorcism.

Eric dreams of Godric pushing him to drink Sookie's blood and embrace his true vampire nature. That's freaky since Godric is dead - and this isn't the first time such a vivid form of Godric has appeared to Eric. The Dream Godric seems evil compared to the one that was alive. Eric discovers he's in Sookie's room, she awakens and wonders what the heck he's doing there. He said, "I had a bad dream." And Sookie lets him stay with her in bed till the sun comes up.

Hoyt and Jessica have saved Jason. Well, Jessica actually did after finding him almost dead on the road and she gave him her healing blood. Hoyt and Jessica have an awkward moment when she acts "distant" to his affection.

Bill glamours Portia, who is his great, great, great (you get the point) granddaughter as a means to keep her away from him. It didn't seem to bother her to continue a sexual relationship with Bill, knowing that they were related. Bill clearly wanted nothing to do with her anymore.

Eric asks Sookie: "Am I evil?' She comments that he was but she likes the new Eric. He's sweet.

Pam waltzes into Bill's office looking like a beekeeper in order to conceal her rotting flesh - courtesy of Marnie/witch spirit's spell.

Lafayette and Jesus are going to Jesus' Grandpa's place in Mexico. He's a shaman. Jesus talked about a goat sacrifice he was involved in as a child with his Grandpa. He felt power surging through his body from that sacrifice and knows his Grandpa might be able to help them with the spells cast upon Eric (who currently doesn't even know he's ticked off at them) and Pam. Lafayette and Jesus, being involved with the witches, are terrified the vampires will come after them to seek revenge.

Tara's girlfriend in New Orleans discovers that Tara has been lying to her about her identity. They talk on the phone.

Tommy brings his dead parents to Sam and needs help in disposing of the bodies.

Jason tells Hoyt about being raped by several women and thinks his past lifestyle is to blame. Jason hears mention of a full moon coming soon and flips out.

Terry and Arlene have the Reverend Daniels and Tara's mom, Lettie Mae, who is now married to the Reverend, perform the exorcism in the house. We learn evil likes to hide in corners.

Sookie visits Marnie's shop to check her out. Sookie claims she wants a reading. Marnie senses Gran and Sookie can hear the thoughts. Gran says Sookie's new love interest is temporary, to look out for Jason and that Marnie is evil and Sookie should run.

Sam and Tommy have their parents bodies in a van and are driving somewhere to dump them. But Andy pulls them over and insists on seeing inside the van. Tommy shapeshifts into a gator to throw Andy off and stops him from inspecting the back of the van. Andy doesn't see the bodies.

Marnie is apprehended by Bill's men and taken to a cell to be interrogated.

Tara tells Sookie about the lesbian relationship she has in New Orleans and how she hates Bon Temps. She tells Sookie how she has lied to her girlfriend about who she is.

While in her cell, Marnie prays to the witch goddess and has a vision. She sees witches in prison, priests arrive to visit the witches, but guess what the priests are? Vampires.

Confrontation between Eric and Tara. He emerged from his hiding place in Sookie's house and Tara sees him and screams - telling Sookie she's a hypocrite. Tara condemns Eric for the many terrible things he's done and runs out the door.

Bill questions Marnie about the witches, curses and spells; in particular wondering where is Eric? Marnie doesn't know crap.

Lafayette and Jesus get to Jesus's Grandpa's house and Gramps says to them, "I've been expecting you."

Alcide gets a visit from the Packmaster for that vicinity he's living in. The Packmaster is not a happy camper that Alcide has not registered with the pack. Alcide tells the Packmaster to take a hike.

Sam and Tommy dump their parents' dead bodies into a swamp. Sam tosses in marshmallows to draw the gators up to the surface at which time they can chow down on the dead bodies. Tommy feels guilty. Sam confesses he's killed two people who robbed him and says Tommy killed the parents in self-defense or an act of war.

Terry and Arlene go to bed and assume all is well with the baby and ridding the house of any ghosts or evil. Except a book of matches ignites out of the blue. That's not good.

Since Jason drank Jessica's blood, they have a bond and she enters his dreams and seduces him. Hoyt pops up in the dream, too, freaking out Jason.

Eric asks Sookie if he really did all those bad things Tara accused him of. She said yes, but he's different now. Eric said: "There's a light in you and I couldn't bare it if I snuffed it out." He takes off and Sookie runs after him…shouting to not go. He returns to her then they KISS!

Bill has a meeting with his sheriffs, still wondering where the hell is Eric and figures the witches are behind it. Vampires throughout history have always held important, powerful roles in high places of society. We learn that Marnie's goddess and the spirit that possesses her was a sorceress and necromancer named Antonia. At one time, she commanded a power that made vampires walk out into the sun and die. Some want to kill Marnie but Bill insisted no human casualties. Pam is visibly upset and lets something slip…Pam and Sookie had a deal that Pam was to keep her mouth shut about Eric hiding out at Sookie's…but Pam's loose lips reveal that Eric's memory has been erased. Bill forces Pam to tell him where Eric is at…Sookie's. Bill races out of the house and we assume he's zooming to Sookie's place. Soooomebodyyyyy's in troooouble… ;)

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