Sunday, September 4, 2011

'Finding Bigfoot' - Where's the stealth?

'Finding Bigfoot', on the Animal Planet, starring Matt Moneymaker. First, that dude needs to change his last name. NO ONE is going to think him to be serious or credible with that last name! My husband is sarcastically yelling, "Be sure to commit slander when you're posting that!" haha. I need to state that we do believe in Bigfoot...or whatever he is...BUT this TV show is just plain silly and lacks common sense when trying to find evidence of Bigfoot during location stake-outs. Let me explain:

1) Matt Moneymaker - he really should've used a different last name from the get-go (as I previously mentioned). Every time I see his name on the screen, I cringe. And I must mention the other man named BoBo. Hmmm...a bit unusual.
2) Being so noisy they may as well have been banging pots & pans together in the woods - not likely to find Bigfoot that way. Then again, if they found Bigfoot in the first episode, the stars would be out of a job.
3) Stomping around and talking is a big no-no (kind of repeating #2). I would assume the big furry guy has excellent hearing, so when they're saying, "What was that? Did you hear that?" Then the other person whispers so loudly, "What? Is that you?"  that any nearby Bigfoot would be long gone.
4) Walkie-talkies emit noise. *screech, blip, TALK, blip, screech, beep, buzz* Are they purposefully trying to scare ALL the animals away?
5) There's a possibility the night vision equipment on their cameras and headgear could be visible to a Bigfoot. Who knows what kind of light spectrum different animals can see? Many animals can see in the dark. So as they are stomping about (making noise), the night vision light is bouncing in every which direction, possibly alerting creatures to flee. EEEEK!
6) What's with using an abbreviation for Sasquatch? I about puked when I heard "Squatch".
7) Hanging out one or two days/nights isn't giving them much of a chance to just happen to luck out and have a Bigfoot cross their path. Camp out in the designated spot for at least a week, preferably two weeks. Become part of the environment, blend in, and not stick out like a sore thumb...AND SHUT UP!

I am not stating I hate the show. It's interesting. I enjoy watching and learning more about Bigfoot. But when it comes to the stake-outs, obviously no one has explained to use stealth to their advantage!!

And during the last few minutes of the show, I look at my husband, smile and prepare sadly, the end results in finding Bigfoot evidence tend to scream at the viewer, which simultaneously I bellow with cupped hands at my mouth: "INCONCLUSIVE!"

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