Monday, January 2, 2012

"Fright Night" (DVD) - Entertaining!

Fright Night DVD Movie Poster

This movie was much better than what I had anticipated and expected from a remake in this genre. I cannot recall if I had ever watched the original Fright Night (and neither could my husband) which probably helped or influenced our positive opinion on this movie. #1: My husband didn't fall asleep during it. #2: The humor mixed perfectly with the horror at the right times. #3: The special effects were at times mind-blowing but average during other scenes. #4: We could actually follow a plot - a storyline - without any confusion. And the vampires (especially Jerry!) were entertaining. Here are the details for you vampire and movie-lovers:

Fright Night (2011), R rating, 106 min - Comedy | Horror -  Released August 19, 2011 (USA) in theaters; Released December 13, 2011 on DVD & Blu-ray.
Ratings: 6.6 out of a 10 from 22,068 voters on Internet Movie Database.

Official Synopsis:
Meet the sexy new neighbor, Jerry Dandrige (Colin Farrell). He’s dangerously charming – and utterly lethal. That's because he just happens to be a vampire, and out for blood…buckets of it. After high school senior Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) makes the connection between Jerry’s suspicious activity and a steadily rising body count, he vows to end the reign of terror next door. But he can’t do it alone. His only hope is Las Vegas magician/vampireslayer Peter Vincent (David Tennant). Together, this unlikely duo set out to end Jerry's evil rampage. But Jerry is a ruthless, relentless killer, and he’s not going down without a fight. Get set to sink your teeth into this thrilling re-vamp of the terrifying horror classic. Featuring a star-studded cast and crawling with bonus, FRIGHT NIGHT will captivate you from the very first bite!

Stars: Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell and David Tennant, Toni Collette, Imogen Poots

Taglines:   You can't run from evil when it lives next door.
>Peter Vincent is named after two horror icons, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price.   
>The club scene originally included a fight between feuding frat boys that was broken up by Jerry with the use of his hypnosis powers. Although the scene was cut, the frat boys can still be seen around the DJ booth when the t-shirts are thrown into the crowd.
>Cameo: 'Chris Sarandon', who played Jerry in the original Fright Night, plays the man who hits the Brewsters' car and ends up bitten by Jerry on the road.   
>Jerry has five stages of makeup, with the last one (when Charley fights in the basement) entirely in CG.

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