Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Returning (& Not Returning) Fall TV Shows

The Event is unlikely to return. I'm not surprised. It started with a bang - for me, at least - then as we drew near the lengthy winter hiatus, I started to lose interest. I don't understand what happened with that show. Then to have 3 MONTHS of it not airing...The Event became a "non-event"! The previews of its return last month looked promising and exciting, but I chose not to return to watching it. Sorry. And I usually love UFO storylines.

Bones is in limbo but will likely get renewed. I love that show and how humor is incorporated into such a gruesome, solving murders storyline. Bones and Booth better "get together" one of these days, or fans will be ticked. And Sweets - isn't he hilarious! I suppose this show doesn't fall under paranormal entertainment, I just realized, but, well, there we go.

Fringe has been renewed! Even with the usual Friday night death time slot, it has survived! Talk about a show that is involved. Plus I try to look for the Observer in each episode. Sometimes he's right in your face, of course, but other times they blend him into the scenes.

The Vampire Diaries is in limbo! What?! Come on! I thought that was one of the highest rated shows for The CW?! I've read it is likely to be renewed, though. If it is not, I'm burning my TV. Or being a bit more constructive (instead of destructive), I would immediately launch a campaign to "save the show."

Supernatural is in limbo, but will likely get renewed. This is a tough one for me. I LOVE that show, the actors, the storyline (although some seasons have been better than others), and the wonderful on-screen easiness the "brothers" have with each other...even when they're fighting! BUT...I do wonder if its time has come to end the show...if it has run its course? I'm sure I'd get arguments from both sides on this one.

Smallville ---ahh...we bid you farewell as this is your last season and the show ends. What an amazing length of time it has been running. Ten years! I've enjoyed the show, but it definitely has come time to call it quits. I just better see Clark Kent flying - with or without his tights - by the final episode! Sheesh!

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