Sunday, June 26, 2011

True Blood - Are You Ready?

I am in True Blood bliss!  Just finished watching the dvd collection for Season 3 last night. Awesome! And of course numerous questions!! Tonight, Season 4 starts and I actually HAVE HBO now!! I called Dish Network this morning and received a "special" from them. So, I don't have to wait till next YEAR when the dvd's come out before I can finally watch Season 4! What a treat - to have literally wrapped up the finale last night and then to start with the premiere tonight - everything is completely fresh in my brain!

Some questions/comments I have: if Sookie's blood is half human and half fae (fairy) wouldn't that mean her brother, Jason, is also part fairy?! And what about Jason's comments in the hospital a few episodes back about Sookie NOT being born in a hospital & that he remembers her being born...I thought he was YOUNGER than her. Maybe I'm wrong on that. Even if he is older, he would NOT remember her birth! And that one fairy telling Sookie something about her parents and their death...something about Sookie shouldn't fear the water...that's not what "took" her parents!!??  Which side of the family had fairy in it -- was it her Gram's side (the one that died)?

Can't believe Tara cut her hair off at the end of the season...but understand the point of her needing to "change" her life. Watching her drive off into the night alone...I wondered what would be in store for her in the next season - and if she would return or if that was her exit from the show! She had a devastating chain of events (again) that she lived through...I actually thought it was worse than what Sookie dealt with in some ways!

And to find out Bill had set Sookie up to get beaten in the first season, first episode so he could rush in and "save" her...all to manipulate her...I about fell off my couch! Sure, he seems to have truly fallen in love with her and wants to protect her...but wow - the look on her face of betrayal when Eric (covered in cement) arrived at her doorstep to spill the beans of Bill's initial intentions when those two met...working undercover for the Queen Sophie (that's her name, right?) to find out exactly what Sookie was/is.

I kept expecting Alcide to show up on Sookie's doorstep at the end...instead she steps into the fairy realm and who knows what happened then?

Many, many more thoughts...not enough time to type them now...My heart is pounding with excitement to watch True Blood tonight!

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