Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jacquelyn Frank's "Adam: Nightwalkers Book 6" Available!

Just finished reading Jacquelyn Frank's latest blog posting and I'm squealing with delight! "ADAM: Nightwalkers Book Six" is now available! As she mentioned, it's been three years since the last Nightwalkers book was released. I've read all of them and loved each one. At the time I discovered Jacquelyn's novels, the first five in the series were released and I was able to read them one right after the other. This is the order in which they should be read: "Jacob", "Gideon", "Elijah", "Damien", "Noah", and the newest "Adam".

According to Jacquelyn, she has worked very hard to keep the plot a secret and doesn't divulge much information. She reminds us of the evil Ruth from previous novels and speaks of Adam as tall, dark and handsome (well, I should hope so!). Also, the spunky vampire Jasmine seems to be part of the storyline.

I cannot wait to get my hands on this latest book - "Adam". And this is one that I will buy the actual printed version to add to my Nightwalkers collection instead of purchasing the ebook.

Yay and congrats Jacquelyn Frank!

Here's her official website:


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