Sunday, March 6, 2011

BBC Being Human Back in Full Force

After last Saturday's episode (2/26/11) of Being Human, I sat down last night to watch the latest and kept my fingers crossed that they would redeem themselves. I don't know about anyone else, but that 2/26 show was weird. I blogged about it a few posts ago if you need to refresh your memories. I don't want my memory refreshed!! But two big thumbs up for last night's episode! Super! Perfect! Extremely well-done! The acting by everyone was right on and the bits of humor were thankfully tossed back in to my satisfaction. I loved the camera angles, too! The zombie thing (did we ever find out if the girl was considered a "type" of zombie or not?!) with the experimental surgeries being done to them...a different twist. Speaking of twisting, did you hear her neck popping/cracking whenever she'd turn it?! EEEK! And then we have George and Nina with her surprise pregnancy...that will bring a whole new aspect to the show. I am loving the Mitchell & Annie romance that's blooming. Then again, I LOVE Mitchell...ahhh...what was I saying?! Their relationship brings many questions to my mind with her being a ghost. Well, he can't "kill" her or turn her into a vampire if she's already dead. I suppose that's a plus. I still have a hard time understanding the physical body thing with her. I can totally handle that supernatural beings are the ones able to see her, but for her to have substance - a solid body that Mitchell (& those others) can embrace & touch?! Not complaining, just curious & interesting. I wonder if he still plans on telling her he was the one that killed all those people on the train or if she'll find out on her own & how she'll react. Last night, he started to tell her, but she stopped him & made it sound like the person that saved her from purgatory is the one she wants & she forgives him for anything else...till next week.

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