Thursday, March 31, 2011

S. K. Yule's Lycan Lover

Finished reading a novella in one day. Perhaps that's why they call it a novella. Hold on...let me "google" that word...

Definition of Novella from Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia) : A novella (also called a short novel) is a written, fictional, prose narrative longer than a novelette but shorter than a novel. A novella has generally fewer conflicts than novels, yet more complicated ones than short stories. The conflicts also have more time to develop than in short stories. They have endings that are located at the brink of change. Unlike novels, they are not divided into chapters, and are often intended to be read at a single sitting, as the short story, although white space is often used to divide the sections. They maintain, therefore, a single effect.
And blah, blah, blah with more in depth details. that we know the official definition of a novella...

S. K. Yule's Lycan Lover ( was a stimulating read, and especially so since I hadn't devoured any werewolf stories in a while! It's also interesting to learn the mythology and "rules" for another writer's paranormal compared to my own "rules" on werewolves, vampires, etc. in my novels. Such fun! With the length of it being short, you are never left tapping your fingers, waiting and wondering when the next exciting scene or action will take place...because exciting things are constantly happening and you don't want it to end!! It is considered and labeled an erotic it's quite the sexy/hot story!

The synopsis:
After her last boyfriend hid the fact he was married, Karen Samson decides to take a break from dating. Lately she’s burned out and bored with the daily humdrum routine of life. The only thing breathing spice into her ordinary existence is erotic dreams of a sexy green-eyed man.

After suffering years of loneliness, Anthony Wolfson finds his mate, Karen Samson. The problem; he’s werewolf, she’s human. His instincts scream to claim her. His need to protect urges him to woo her. Unbeknown to him, fate has another plan for them involving a young, cocky werewolf and a dark alley.
In S. K. Yule's Lycan Series you'll find: Lycan Lover, Lycan Lust and Lycan It. Don't ya just love the title of that last one!

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