Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Bag of Bones" thoughts...

Bag of Bones Poster
"Bag of Bones" movie poster

Taped "Bag of Bones" by Stephen King to watch at my leisure. Since it was a two night mini-series, totaling four hours (packed solid with sleep-inducing commercials), my husband and I didn't manage to stay awake (mainly hubby) to get through all four hours of it. Most likely tonight we will finish the last two hours.

I find it awkward watching Pierce Brosnan in this movie. Perhaps I keep expecting him to act like James Bond...which the character he portrays is nothing like the scene-stealing, mesmerizing 007.

I have not read the actual novel by Stephen King, so I cannot make comparisons. So far (and I still  have another two hours to watch), I'm not 100% loving the mini-series, but not hating it either. Average, I'd say, using many common scare tactics and nothing mind-blowing with the plot. Then again, as I've said before, everything has already been done - movies, books, etc.

I am confused (which doesn't take much) with portions of the storyline, although that is also what keeps me watching to find out what happens next. Definitely mysterious...And what's with Pierce/Mike Noonan kissing 3 different women in like 3 minutes?! he was dreaming! And let's not forget that two of those women were dead! And did his wife (dead) get pregnant by him or someone else? And what's with the one movie trailer showing the little girl immersed in the lake and her mouth opens and I swear I see fangs?!? Fine...I'll have to hit the Play on my tape tonight to get my answers - at least I better get answers! I despise movies that end with tons of UNanswered questions and new mysteries thrown in our faces as we sit on our couches saying, "Huh?!"

I've read reviews on Internet Movie Database and "Bag of Bones" has been ripped apart with many critical comments. Viewers who read the novel especially were not pleased with changes made to the movie. With the Stephen King name plastered everywhere, people expected better quality. I'm not sure that I'll post on the second half of the movie. We'll see...I don't want to bore you :)

If interested in the official website, click here. (Very interactive, best viewed with high-speed connection.)

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  1. I'm a big King fan but it's been a while since reading the book so I can't really make comparisons either. One difference I did notice was that the wife's death was changed. In the show, she's hit by a bus; in the book, she drops dead from an aneurism (spelling?)

    The scene with the girl in the trailer doesn't actually happen in the show. I think it's used because drowned girls are a recurring theme in the story. I won't say more on that topic in case you haven't seen Part 2 yet.

    Overall, I liked the show. It wasn't great but it didn't suck... and I agree that it's really hard to get past Brosnan's James Bond image.


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