Sunday, February 20, 2011

BBC Being Human & Primeval

Last night I watched BBC's Primeval season finale. Loved it. Love Connor's facial expressions. Surprised to see Danny brought back & that his brother is Ethan. Phillip is up to no good...didn't like Connor driving off in the car with him. Talk about a cliffhanger leading us into next season! Following Primeval was the season premiere of Being Human. Glad to see Mitchell got Annie back from purgatory...of course it sounds like it will cost him his life at some point...and by a werewolf - George? Wondering if the fighting ring will end up featuring George thrown in there during the time of the month he "turns"? Either that...or George & his friends & those 2 other werewolves might put a stop to the "werewolf put on display so we can watch him tear apart a human" show initiated by the vampires? Ah, it's good to have the old gang back!

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