Saturday, February 12, 2011

Being Human vs. Being Human

Talk about strange! I had started watching Being Human on BBC when it first came out. And now, SyFy is offering a Being Human Americanized version, which I am watching, too. As I sit on my comfy couch viewing Aidan, Josh and Sally, I can't help but visualize Mitchell, George and Annie! And you know what's coming up in future episodes since it is virtually the exact same story! Oh sure, there are differences, but the main story lines are being followed. And to make things more confusing, the BBC version begins Saturday, Feb. 19!! My husband and I aren't sure if we will continue to watch the SyFy show, as we think our brains will be conflicted with both playing at the same time! But...I have kinda gotten hooked on the American crew, too. After several weeks, even though I can guess what's due to pop up next, I'm not sure I can quit now. The actor that plays Josh is really comical. The last episode was superbly written and all the actors seemed more at ease, especially with their humorous quips thrown in. We'll see...

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