Sunday, February 27, 2011

Being Human - BBC - Odd Episode

Last night's episode of Being Human on the BBC network was really awkward. Maybe I was distracted because I have another project bouncing around in my head, but I don't think so. Almost everything about the show seemed "off". The acting, the storyline, the normal bits of humor thrown in, everything! I didn't fall asleep or nod off during it, either. I was wide awake. All the scenes were torture to watch. It felt disconnected, didn't flow like it normally does. The interaction between the characters was also whacked out. The "boy" vampire was no doubt creepy, and meant to be that way, and it was an episode of angst and heartache and decisions. I understand, but, wow! I kept glancing at my husband and shrugging my shoulders. A few times I think I commented on how something seemed weird or I couldn't understand what they were even saying. I truly love the show and this episode won't force me to say goodbye to Mitchell (mmm...), George (hilarious) or Annie (so cute & lovable) but I can't wait to see what rabbit the producers and writers pull out of their hats for next week!

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