Thursday, February 24, 2011


Vampire Diaries is on tonight. It sounds like Katherine is back in action. I read there will be another hiatus until April...pouting...I hate breaks as I'm sure everyone does. It's so easy to forget what the heck is happening in the storyline when the show finally returns. I suppose with the April return, that will then take us directly up to a season finale near the end of May.
Finished reading Karen Marie Moning's Shadowfever...LOVED it. Very deep. The world (s) she creates for her characters absolutely astounds me. I feel sad and a wee bit lost after finishing her book, knowing it was (I'm assuming) the last in that series. And that's a huge compliment to her writing!
Will be starting Amanda Hocking's book - Switched - The Trylle Trilogy. Her success with eBooks has me totally intrigued! I've been reading her blog/website and actually shed tears of happiness for her. Exciting!

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